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Atsushi Fujii

We will continue to compile the video entertainment industry that we have cultivated so far.

Also, for business development, revitalization, innovation, growth and development of new technologies and know-how,

We will deliver it to the world using video know-how.

Yes Media Partners Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Atsushi Fujii

Representative career

Born in Tokyo in 1967. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering.
Since I was a student, I was impressed by the fact that movies give people courage and hope, and after graduating from university, I aim for the movie industry.
Nikkatsu Co., Ltd.Organized and distributed a Japanese movie CS channel at, and was involved in numerous movies such as Takeshi Kitano's work and dramas such as "From the North Country" as a business at the shooting studio.
afterwards,Shogakukan Group Digital Strategy DivisionInvolved in TV / movie animation production and commercial production such as "Tottoko Hamtaro", "Sarugetchu", and "Zoids ZOIDS" using 3DCG as the original character business development.
After independence, he will continue to cooperate with commercials such as Shogakukan Big Comic and Shonen Sunday, video entertainment business such as Ultraman 40th anniversary movie, animation movie, and NHK Special "MEGA QUAKE" after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Since 2015, we have conducted business introduction interviews with more than 200 companies as a business exchange for managers, and work on cooperation with management issues.
In 2018, he was appointed as the representative director of Yes Media Partners Co., Ltd. in order to cooperate in solving problems in corporate development with video know-how.

I will never forget that when I was working at the Nikki Photo Studio, Director Nobuhiko Obayashi called out to me with a smile, "Fujii-chan," and when I visited the director's office, he was kind to me. As a student who grew up in Kadokawa Daiei, it's too much for me.
I pray for your soul.

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